Practice Areas

We are a full-fledged firm with undisputed expertise in both traditional and emerging areas of legal practice. We are your one-stop center for all your legal needs.


The firm enjoys an especially sophisticated real estate practice with an unrivalled capacity and experience to handle the most complex transactions. Our capacity to deliver the highest quality service to match our client’s business needs makes our firm stand ahead of its peers. We offer surgical approaches to real estate management such creation of trusts.


Just like it’s always said, in life there are two things that are always certain, death and tax. This certainty of paying taxes creates a burden to all business practitioners who would otherwise have to juggle the several demands of the business. At Diamond Advocates, we are your most reliable partners when it comes to tax advisory and we offer a plethora of tax-related services as follows:- 1. General advice to individuals and corporations on Ugandan, East African, and international tax law 2. Advice on tax issues arising from employee remuneration, including share options, pension schemes and National Social Security Fund contributions 3. Individual and corporate tax planning. This includes the creation and operation of trusts and foundations, making of gifts, business and investment structures, and estate planning 4. Advice and representation on Local and Foreign Direct Investment as well as Portfolio Investment in East Africa. In this regard, we advise on the legal requirements, the tax, and other incentives available to investors Where taxpayers are the subject of investigation or prosecution, whether by the Uganda Revenue Authority or any other taxing authority, we offer specialist support and representation in court and sometimes arbitrate where need be.


We advise our clients on both local and international intellectual property law. Our intellectual property team helps our clients protect their rights in trademarks, patents, and copyrights. We offer a range of services ranging from, registration, enforcement, and litigation. With us, your innovation and creativity are well protected.

Alternative Dispute

Our Managing Partner is qualified and competent to handle complex and high net-worth disputes and can assist clients in resolving disputes practically, fairly, and effectively without resorting to protracted and expensive litigation.


With the growth in technology, a lot of human interaction-related practices have been replaced by non-human-enabled technology, therefore, creating the need to legally regulate such spheres of life so as to protect both firms that own the technology as well as the final consumer. Diamond Advocates has taken a lead in the practice of Artificial Intelligence law in Uganda and East Africa and is part of the most recent Artificial Intelligence innovation under the Mak Ocular AI, an automated Mobile Microscopic Diagnosis of Malaria, Cancer, and Tuberculosis.


We have one of the most competent Environmental law and Natural resource practices. We advise mainly on compliance to the environmental legal regime mainly to extraction firms and on how to strike a balance between the business and natural resource sustainability. Our practices include;- Advising clients on preparation of applications for all types of mineral rights and the requirements for retention of such mineral rights; Processing of environment impact assessment reports. Advising on compliance. Advising clients on all matters relating to the acquisition of surface rights; Advising clients on all permits required under Ugandan law for extraction/ mining. Drafting of transaction agreements, MOUs, and any related legal documents Court representation and arbitration.


Land is the most valuable resource one can have, and as a result, it is susceptible to conflict and overlapping interests. Our land transactional team offers surgical solutions to would be more complex land-related problems. We recover, enforce, and protect your interests on land. Trust our team for any land-related issue and count it fixed.


At Diamond Advocates, our Commercial Litigation practice is dedicated to providing expert legal counsel and representation to businesses of all sizes. We understand the complexities and challenges that businesses face in today's dynamic and competitive marketplace, and we are here to protect your interests and help you navigate the legal landscape effectively.